Discouraged at the mere thought of un-packaging your things after moving?

Unpacking, storing, mounting… This perspective is not at all appealing…

With Déménager Ailleurs, you can check this chore off your to-do list : as moving specialists, we serve our customers by making use of our several years of expertise and experience in this field. With us, you can get settled in your new home, location or office without having to deal with the tedious task of un-packaging.

Thanks to Déménager Ailleurs, moving becomes mere child’s play. All you need to do is ask, and we will take care of everything.

Professionals handling your unpacking

After moving, the step that everyone dreads is unpacking things. By using our complete unpacking service for your items, you don’t have to take care of this. All you need to do is to point to our un-packaging experts where you want them to put your things.

Thanks to this service, you no longer waste time by having to open each box and to take out all the different items. After moving, with Déménager Ailleurs all you need to do is take care of your new place, as if you had been living there all along: you save time and don’t need to put in any effort.

Our professional unpacking team guarantees a quality un-packaging service.

Impeccable service

Your favorite vase, your chinaware, your splendid canopy bed… Are you particularly concerned by these items? We guarantee a “white gloves” unpacking process. Our unpackers expert are specially trained to handle all your items with great care. All your goods are safe in their hands and gently unpacked.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to take care of unpacking all your goods as carefully or even more carefully than you would yourself.

We suggest the most adequate service in order to have you location/home ready for you in no time.

Personalized services

  • The packing and unpacking of your goods for an hourly rate. This works well for you if you don’t have many boxes and you transport them yourself. This way, you save on the price of your moving.
  • All-inclusive packing and unpacking : Déménager Ailleurs takes care of packing, transporting and unpacking your items. You can fully rely on our professional and experienced team who will take great care of your items.

  • Once the moving part ends, you will no longer have to think about where to store the packing materials.


One service, one extra advantage

We will take care of all the packing materials from your move and we will dispose of them in an appropriate manner.

This way, your new location, office or home is ready for you, free from all cardboard boxes and other packing materials. You no longer need to find a solution for storing or throwing them away.

With Déménager Ailleurs, your only concern should be to fully enjoy your new place. We will take care of everything else, according to your demands.