The cost of a move varies according to different factors. The mover price, for example, plays a significant role in the moving expenses. There are, fortunately, some tips that can help you save money.

Moving date

The day you are moving affects the cost of a moving company: During weekends and public holidays, costs are increased. Remember book the movers on a weekday, preferably on a working day.

Professional movers also point out that as summer approaches, people tend to change their address. Hence an increase in the cost of a move during this season.

So that the price of the mover does not break your budget too much, do not opt for these "hot" periods.

Seek help from family and friends

The price of the mover increases with the number of people you require. To reduce the cost of a move, you can ask your friends and / or loved ones to help you. With this, you inevitably reduce your bill. Nevertheless, prepare your boxes beforehand so you won't need them for too long.


Start small

The greater the amount of things to transport, the higher the cost of moving. More moving trucks and boxes needed: hence the higher price.

Before D-Day, also think about sorting your belongings and taking advantage of it to get rid of those you no longer need. Only pack those that still serve you.

In order to reduce the expenses incurred by your change of address, first identify the furniture that you will not use in your new home. Store them instead of relocating them to your new address.