Piano, safe, wine cellar, artworks, antique furniture...

We have years of expertise in moving heavy, fragile and oversized items ! We take care of moving your things safely. To carry out the transfer of these « special » items effeciently, Déménager Ailleurs developed a specialized moving formula.

We put at your disposal our movers and our equipment to ensure the success of your unconventional transfer.

A carefully orchestrated specialized moving with Déménager Ailleurs

Our team of movers has received special training, allowing them to handle all aspects of your project and demonstrating effectiveness in doing so. Your fragile and valuable items are in good hands as they were trained to take care of them.


With Déménager Ailleurs, you can be sure you will see your items again very soon, as we carefully prepare their delivery, ensuring fast, efficient and reliable handling. Our dispatchers conduct a thorough calculation of travel time for each team to save time on delivery.

Careful transfer of your possessions

Déménager Ailleurs dedicates a competent and experienced staff and appropriate materials to ensure your special move.

For a safe transfer of your property, our dedicated teams carefully pack your belongings. For this purpose, they use new materials, including special boxes, bubble packaging, unprinted newsprint or polypropylene sheets. As far as they are concerned, padded protective covers are essential to protect your valuables from damage during transport.

We pay particular attention to packing fragile items like your artwork, marble or glass furniture or even chandeliers. For safe transport, they are transferred into custom-made wooden crates.

Transportation adapted to the nature of your valuable and fragile goods

For your special move, we assure you that we have the necessary means for specialized transportation. For the delivery of your valuable and fragile goods, we offer you specially designed trucks for transportation of delicate items.

Moreover, we have all the permits allowing us to make an unconventional move. The specialized move is an operation that we truly master. We provide by the book transportation to your new address for the items you treasure.


To learn how Déménager Ailleurs will proceed in moving any bulky or fragile items, please contact one of our advisers. We will be happy to help you and assess the tasks to be carried out starting from a free estimation.