Take advantage of the discount for seniors! This plan has been especially created by Déménager Ailleurs as an answer to all your specific needs.

Moving is known to be a difficult task for elderly people. If this is your case or if you know an elderly person who will soon change residence, let the professionals handle this move.

As a moving specialist, Déménager Ailleurs has very extensive experience concerning services for elderly people. We provide you with our expertise, as well as our experience and the guarantee of quality services.


We have to our credit over thirty official openings of residential complexes dedicated to retirees and elderly people. We regularly ensure relocations to numerous other specialized residences. As a result, we have acquired an important relocation experience, particularly concerning this type of customers: we are aware of the physical and psychological context involved in moving away for elderly people.

We will take on all the hassle involved in a change of residence. You can fully trust us with your items and we will handle their packing, transportation and unpacking. After that, all you need to do is settle into your new residence and start your new life.

We have come up with a specially adapted pricing for you, one which allows you to step into this new stage of your life with no concerns:

Customized services

Since moving to a new home, residence or apartment when you’ve reached a certain age can be quite a challenge, Déménager Ailleurs takes care of making this transition as smooth as possible. In terms of services, all you need to do is ask, and we will perform the necessary tasks. In terms of finances, you benefit from a special seniors’ discount, because we want to make sure your move is as hassle-free as possible.


Furthermore, the earlier you book your moving with Déménager Ailleurs, the more you save. By doing so, you can pay less for your move and you can rest assured, knowing that you will be able to move to your new residence at the desired date.
Whatever your requirements, we are here to help you.
Do you wish to move to a senior residential complex without having to worry about a thing– or, on the contrary, do you wish to involve your family in the process? We have the right solution for you:

  • The full service option: choose a complete moving service, which includes the packing of your items, their transportation and their unpacking;
  • The economic option: enlist the help of your family and friends in the packing and unpacking of your items.
  • The do-it-yourself option: enlist the help of your family and friends for the entire moving process and only rent the truck and the driver.

If you have any particular requests, let us know so we can accommodate these requests. Our packing professionals and our moving team are especially trained to successfully complete the tasks that are assigned to them. Thanks to their intervention, your move will take place in the best possible conditions, as soon as possible and for the most convenient price.
Have you come to the conclusion that you need to pack a lot more items than you initially thought? Does your estimate concerning the packing of your goods need to be revised upwards? Déménager Aillleurs allows you to adapt your budget to a quality service, thanks to the packaging promotion.

Our experience, which extends over several years, makes moving a field that we master to perfection. As a result, we can help you to achieve a successful move, on a relatively tight budget.

Thanks to our packaging promotion, you will be able to optimize your budget, while benefiting from our packing experts’ know-how.

The right packaging plan for each type of home

As a moving expert, Déménager Aillleurs can make an estimate of the amount of packaging materials that you will be needing, according to the surface of your home.

For information purposes, here are the packaging materials that you will need, based on your living space. The packaging promotion that you can be eligible for depends on these:
  • For a 2 ½ apartment you will need (10) 2 cu. ft. boxes, (5) 4 cu. ft. boxes, 2 dish boxes, 10 lbs of packing paper, 2 rolls of tape.
  • For a 3 ½ apartment you will need (20) 2 cu. ft. boxes, (10) 4 cu. ft. boxes, 4 dish boxes, 25 lbs of packing paper, 4 rolls of tape.
  • For a 4 ½ apartment or a 5 ½ apartment you will need (35) 2 cu. ft. boxes, (15) 4 cu. ft. boxes, 6 dish boxes, 25 lbs of packing paper, 6 rolls of tape.
  • For a classic size house you will need (50) 2 cu. ft. boxes, (20) 4 cu. ft. boxes, (5) 5 cu. ft. boxes, 7 dish boxes, 25 lbs of packing paper, 6 rolls of tape.
For a large house you will need (75) 2 cu. ft. boxes, (30) 4 cu. ft. boxes, (10) 5 cu. ft. boxes, 10 dish boxes, 50 lbs of packing paper, 10 rolls of tape.
Déménager Ailleurs provides you with several options for the packaging promotion, so that you can save on your packaging materials.

Save on your packaging materials with Déménager Aillleurs

Déménager Aillleurs offers you several possibilities, so that packaging will take up a minimum amount from your moving budget.

With this in mind, we’ve introduced a packaging promotion. We make discounts on certain packing articles, so that you can keep your spending to a minimum in this respect. You can check our promotions list to find out which packaging materials are subject to these discounts.

We offer profitable discounts based on the amount of packaging materials required: the more packing materials you need, the more attractive the packaging promotion gets.