Our Expert Tips

Having planned your move, you are now facing the troublesome step of preparing the boxes. It’s best to make use of packing techniques, so that you’ll get this done quickly and efficiently!

We are aware that this operation requires certain knowledge. The experience gathered by Déménager Ailleurs in this field will be of great use to you. Our packing experts master different packing techniques, thanks to their special training. Should you decide to handle this task yourself, they will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

The right packaging materials to secure your items

First of all, be aware that you should start preparing the cartons a month and a half prior to the actual day of the move. You will start with the objects that you rarely use, or that you never use. To avoid loosing your head while surrounded by dozens of boxes, you should use a strategy for organizing things. For example, you could choose a color for each room in your house: blue for the bathroom, pink for the bedroom, etc.

Déménager Ailleurs offers a specially designed box in which to fit your glassware and your dishes, to keep them safe from unpleasant incidents. We also have different boxes for books, discs, cans, tools, shoes, boots, toys, office supplies, covers, clothes, pots, glass screens, paintings, lamp shades, monitors etc. There are special containers for each type of object, and Déménager Ailleurs is happy to provide you with such containers.

So use a box whose characteristics will ensure the good standing of your items. Make sure you don’t use a box which is too big. Not only will it take up too much space, but it increases the risk of breakage. This is actually one rule to keep in mind: heavy objects are to be placed in small boxes, so that they will be easier to pick up.


Contact us to find out what boxes you should use and which their ideal dimensions are! Apart from the boxes, we can also provide you with padded covers. These accessories are very effective when it comes to absorbing shocks during the transportation of your items.

Pack methodically!

Cover the bottom of each carton with crinkle paper. Also use this to separate each article, in order to avoid scratches and rubbing that could damage them. For example, for your plates, place sheets of crinkled paper between two plates, then cover each set of four in newspaper sheets. In addition, make sure to dismantle all the items that have screws and attach these to the item in question by using scotch tape.

When placing your goods in each box, you should also observe certain rules. For example, you should always store plates vertically, like in the dish-washer. Pile together items of the same dimensions to save space.

Optimize the movers’ work

When you decide to pack the items yourself, the movers can’t be held accountable for the possible damages resulting from a poor packing technique.

With Déménager Ailleurs, your goods are in safe hands. Our movers are especially trained to take excellent care of your belongings and to handle them with precaution. In order for them to identify the cartons and place them in the right place on the truck, you should mark them after sealing them with scotch tape. This way, our team will easily identify the contents and will take the necessary measures for their protection during transportation.

If you have specific instructions regarding the contents of one or more boxes, write these in CAPITAL LETTERS on the cartons. The Déménager Ailleurs team will be sure to strictly comply with the specified instructions.