You’re starting to pack your items and you don’t know where to begin?

Let us handle it! We’ve been facilitating the moving process for our individual and professional clients for years now.

Déménager Ailleurs handles the packaging of your items before they are sent to your new location. Also, if you would like, we can dismantle your furniture for you.

The packaging of your items is one step in your moving process, and we master it perfectly. Your valuables, your furniture, your books and all the other articles that are particularly important to you are in safe hands.

Guaranteed security of your goods

Déménager Ailleurs places at your disposal a professional packaging team, so that the packaging of your items can be done under the best possible conditions. Having benefited from special training, our packaging experts establish what packaging technique to use and what precautions are necessary, taking into account the nature of the objects in question.

This way, Déménager Ailleurs spares you a troublesome step and also provides you with the possibility to choose the pricing method that works best for you.

The right packaging fees for your needs and your means

With Déménager Ailleurs, you can choose the pricing method that works best for the budget that you’ve set for the packaging :
  • packaging at an hourly rate. In this case, we provide you with a bill at the end of the service, taking into account the hours that were actually spent on the packaging and including the price of the materials that were used.
  • You can choose this plan if you wish to diminish the cost of your move or if you have already secured the use of a moving truck.
  • all-inclusive packaging , which allows you to completely rely on Déménager Ailleurs: you decide what you need and we will take care of the entire moving process, from A to Z.


For a worry-free move and no issues to take care of (where to find a moving truck, where to find a competent team etc.), the all inclusive plan is without a doubt the best choice.

Also note that you can pack the items yourself. According to your budget and to your requirements, Déménager Ailleurs puts quality packaging materials at your disposal.

Déménager Ailleurs also optimizes the security of your items by offering the adequate packaging materials, all for very competitive prices.

In order to choose the packing materials that work best for you, visit our packaging materials page.