You are moving and you want to pack your belongings yourself ?

Déménager Ailleurs offers packaging materials suited to your requirements.

Relocation specialists for years, we have everything you need to store your belongings by the book.

And to find out what type of packaging material you need to succeed in this operation, contact one of our advisers. He will be happy to guide you in making your choice.

Packing your business is done step by step

Some precautions must be taken before putting everything into boxes. To ensure safety during transport, choose the packaging material carefully. It must be perfectly adapted to the product which must be packed.

For your dishes, for example, you must acquire a specific container. Otherwise, the slightest jolt and the slightest shock may break your tableware.


To that end, Déménager Ailleurs offers several packaging materials such as:

  • Wrapping paper (unprinted newspaper);
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Polypropylene sheets;
  • Multiple plies covers;
  • Box, 1.5 cubic feet (books, records, cans and tools);
  • Box, 2 cubic feet (books, records, cans and tools);
  • Box, 4 cubic feet (shoes, boots, toys and office supplies);
  • Box, 5 cubic feet (blankets, clothes and pots);
  • Boxes for interior mirrors (windows, mirrors, frames and boards);
  • Boxes for external mirrors (windows, mirrors, frames and boards);
  • Lampshade boxes (lampshade and computer screen);
  • Boxes for dishes (tableware, your ornaments and your glassware);
  • Wardrobe boxes (clothing);
  • Padded cover;
  • Adhesive tape;

As professional movers, we additionally provide quality of the packaging material that we put at your disposal.

Quality packaging materials

Your belongings are safe in our packaging materials. Déménager Ailleurs guarantees the quality of the packaging material. And we also provide transportation of your goods from one place to another in good conditions.

To avoid possible damage during transport, refer to our technical packaging section.

And to save time during this stage, follow the advice provided by us in the section how to plan your moving. Moreover, Déménager Ailleurs can offer you advice when it comes to the packaging materials you need, taking into account the goods you want to move.