Are you moving soon to your business headquarters or your offices?

Team Déménager Ailleurs has several years of experience in providing professional relocation services in Québec, Canada and the United States. For years, we’ve been providing customer satisfaction thanks to the quality of our services, which is awarded by our customers loyalty.


A successful institutional relocation with Déménager Ailleurs

If you are a school, a hospital, a college, a university, a bank or any other institution on the verge of changing your address, within a redevelopment project for example, trust Déménager Ailleurs and its professional team.

Déménager Ailleurs, your partner for a trouble-free commercial relocation

If you are planning to relocate your commercial or industrial business headquarters or even an institution, trust the transfer of your facilities, furniture and/or equipment to one of the best managed companies in Canada.

Moreover, we also provide a free estimate of your relocation cost, taking into account all your needs.

Thanks to our quality equipment, you can plan your business relocation with confidence.


Free estimate

With Déménager Ailleurs, relocating becomes easy: we take care of everything, from A to Z. Thus, you can trust us with the planning and management of your project, supervision of operations, dismantling and packing of your office furniture and other equipment and the transportation and relocation of offices.

Industrial relocation by the book with Déménager Ailleurs

Déménager Ailleurs are specialists in industrial relocation. We provide transfer of your facilities and your heavy machinery to your new premises.

We guarantee the success of operations by carefully planning their course. We understand that a change in location affects your business, therefore we guarantee a quick transfer.


A personalized service

Thus, we assist you in examining the implementation of your industrial relocation process and we are present at every stage of your project. Nothing is left to chance: we review the time for completion, we analyze your availability and the impact on your production and we plan operations.

And knowing that each case is unique, our interventions are modelled to your needs, taking into account the specific features of your industry.

We provide thorough supervision of operations from the point of departure until arrival at your new location.